「I'm telling  god」

Cloud Nine(9) 1st full album

April 2016 Release!!!

1.  Beating (Intro)

2.  Thirst


4.  Warm
5.  Petra

6.  Passage of time

7.  The boy become a bird

8.  Weakness of order

9.  Polio

10.I seen the moon from the Earth

11.Pray for peace

12.I'm telling to god(Outro)

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1st full album

「I'm telling god」(CLNI-001)

April 2016 release.


Price ¥2,000 (No tax inc)


12 songs included


recording, mixing mastering by

Hitoshi Terada

Jacket design by

Rin Ishiyama

Illustrated by

Yuta Morizaki